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What To Do When You Fail an MOT

The Ministry of Transport Test (MOT) is an annual mandatory road safety measure for all cars over three years old. The test is designed to ensure that cars are properly maintained and comply with certain important requirements of the law.

The certificate given once a car has passed its MOT only relates to the testable items at the time of the test and should not be regarded as evidence of their condition at any other time. So long as you do not interfere with proceedings, you can watch the MOT take place.

You are not permitted to drive a car which does not have an MOT certificate, when it should have one. Driving a car which is not roadworthy could invalidate your insurance. The only exception to this is if you are driving to a pre-arranged test appointment or to a garage to make necessary repairs required for an MOT.

If your car fails the test, there is no set time limit before a retest and it is purely at the discretion of the individual. Most garages and test centres offer a free retest but make sure to read all terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to anything. Each test should last around 45 minutes, but this time will vary depending on the garage.

Book your MOT a month early. If you pass it will mean your certificate is valid for 13 months and if it fails you have an extra four weeks to research and obtain quotes Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

It is advisable to ask a member of staff from the MOT test centre to explain what is wrong with your vehicle TOPDON ArtiLink201. If something needs replacing, ask them to explain why it needs replacing. Do not leave the test centre until you're happy you understand the problem and know how to address it.

If your car does need some work in order to pass an MOT, you can always carry out the work yourself. A detailed car manual for your car can be purchased for around 20, and if you're a practical person the work shouldn't be too taxing. Another approach is to ask for a separate quote for parts and labour. It may be cheaper to purchase the parts yourself, and if you don't want to carry out the labour you can just return to the garage and let the professionals fit the parts.

Before taking your car for a re-test, make sure the engine is fully warmed up before parking the car. In doing this it will clear the gases out from within the engine that could cause your car to fail the emissions test. Another useful tip is to add an injector cleaner into the fuel two days before the test. Adding the injector cleaner will prevent fuel starvation, so you're not wasting your money.

When dropping your car off for the retest. To avoid being taken for a ride by a mechanic, look up some technical jargon relating to your vehicle. This will demonstrate that you have some knowledge on car mechanics. Rogue mechanics often try to falsely sell new parts to women as they see them as an easy target. To help prevent this, it may be advisable to ask a male to drive the car into the test centre.

The most important thing when going for a retest is that you should not feel pressured into having a repair done there and then. If you shop around and look online you could save a sizeable amount of money.

Matt Robbins Online Manager of Halfords Autocentre (previously Nationwide Autocentre) the UKs leading provider of MOT, car servicing and repairs across the nation. For all other enquiries, call 0800 096 4216.
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